Crystal Lake / OpenWater


Crystal Lake 2年振り5枚目のフルアルハ゛ム「HELIX」 アナロク゛盤のリリースか゛決定!
M-1 Open Water(feat.Daniel McWhorter from Gideon)
M-2.The Circle – remix by EUPHORIC WAVISM


【Product introduction】

Crystal Lake The release of the analog board is decided for the full album “HELIX” fifth album for the second year!
Analog disc limited DL sound source
M-1 Open Water (feat.Daniel McWhorter from Gideon)
M – 2. The Circle – remix by EUPHORIC WAVISM

※ Downloading will be effective up to 3 times.
※ The download period is two years: 2019/01 / 13 (Sun) ~2021/01/12 (Tue)


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